The Mind

At Patchwork Wellness, we believe that the mind is what creates a person’s life experience.

Our minds are powerhouses of stored information that work tirelessly to try to keep us alive and safe. The trouble is that the mind is often programmed during childhood, much like a computer, to keep us in survival mode which can be exhausting and defeating.

We are then left feeling victims of circumstance, and wonder how to experience the life we desire.

Diving into the world of psychoanalysis can be overwhelming. Where Patchwork Wellness was created to help people put the pieces together as simply as possible, we’ve created our breakdown of info about the mind and how it functions, in an easy to understand format.
More importantly…

Our coaching, courses and tools all target reprogramming
the mind to experience the life you most desire.

We subscribe to a theory similar to
Sigmund Freud’s that sees the mind as 3 levels:

The conscious mind makes up roughly 5% of our mind, and the subconscious mind makes up the other 95%. The superconscious mind embodies the conscious and subconscious.

To put this into a visual, the conscious mind is the tip of the iceberg. It’s the part of the mind we are fully aware of, the part we use to think, analyze and rationalize. It’s essentially our “thinking” mind.


The subconscious mind is the part of the iceberg that is underwater. Without being aware that it exists, and without diving deeper into our hard-wired beliefs and traumas, we will live life unaware of what’s dictating our behavior and creating our life circumstances. Our conscious mind can be easily deceived by the beliefs in our subconscious, just like the size of an iceberg can be deceiving by only looking at what sits above the water.

The superconscious mind is the water and air that surround the iceberg. Some consider this to be divine energy or the presence of God. This is the part of our mind that zaps us with inspiration and “ah-ha” moments. The practice of prayer, meditation or hypnosis is to help quiet the conscious mind in order to explore the subconscious and allow a clear channel for information to flow in through the superconscious mind.

Some of the limiting beliefs, among many, we can be unconsciously programmed with are
“I’m not good enough”
“I am wrong” or “there is something wrong with me”
“I have to earn love”
“”Nothing in life is free”

I’m sure some of you just read that and thought “well, nothing in life is free, that’s not a limiting belief it’s true!” In that case, you are likely wired to believe that statement.

However, it’s not true unless you choose to believe it is. Air is one of the most necessary elements of life…and it’s free. If you just took a breath you just received the free gift of air.
If you are now thinking that not everyone has access to clean air, your programming has pulled you into what you are wired to believe- that nothing is free- and your subconscious is finding proof to support your belief that nothing is free, and bringing those thoughts to your conscious mind to prove your belief is “true.”
This is how our subconscious mind deceives our conscious mind. We will unconsciously find evidence of what our subconscious mind believes, until we “wake up” to our subconscious beliefs and preprogram them.

Here’s another example…

If you believe that “something is wrong with me”- perhaps as a kid anytime you made a mistake you heard the words “what is wrong with you!” so it was embedded into your subconscious. As a result, you will unconsciously create a life experience with circumstances to prove that something is wrong with you.

For instance, you may know it’s not good for your body to smoke cigarettes, or eat junk food, or stay up too late…but if you believe there is something wrong with you, then you will unconsciously behave in ways that are considered “wrong” and struggle to change a habit, and wind up beating yourself up in your mind for not being able to change, strengthening the belief that there is something wrong with you…

We want to help you break free of this vicious cycle!

When we attempt to make behavioral changes without addressing the underlying belief that’s driving the behavior, we start a civil war between our conscious and subconscious mind. As the war rages on, we then block the channel for information to come in from our superconscious mind. The result is either we succeed at behavioral changes…only until we revert back to our old ways, or we don’t make changes and wonder “what is wrong with me,” again, giving more attention and strength to that belief.

However, when we align our conscious, subconscious and superconscious mind, with what we desire…*miracles* can happen!

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