The Body

At Patchwork Wellness, we believe the body is the vehicle to living the life of your dreams.

Our body is an amazing creation designed to naturally function in a way that keeps us in a physical state of homeostasis, or balance. On a more micro level, our body is a collection of cells that make up our tissues, organs, skeletal structure and various systems.

Every cell on our planet holds an energetic charge of positive, negative or neutral, based on the number of protons, electrons and neutrons within the cell. Every cell functions based on its energy. Without energy, the cell would not be alive, and the energetic charge of a cell is based on the cell’s environment.

At the heart of detoxification of the body is the process of either removing or neutralizing any toxicity that is affecting the homeostasis of a cell.

Our focus on the body is unlike most other programs because we dive into the depth of the body’s cellular level, not from a medical perspective, but from an energetic standpoint.

Toxicity can build up in the body from many sources. Some of the more obvious ones are junk food, alcohol, cigarettes, exposure to mold, drugs, heavy metals and inhaling various air pollutants.

One of the most invasive yet under-considered toxicities in the body, are our emotions. When we think about losing weight or getting in shape we focus on what we are putting into our bodies.

However, the emotional energy we are generating within our body is just as important.  For some, this is why they can exercise daily and eat healthy, and see little to no change in their physique.

If this seems far-fetched consider the explanation of cells stated above. Our emotions may not be tangible things we can hold, but we can hold a cell that has been infected with anger, or infused with happiness.

One of the ways to define emotion is “energy in motion,” thus the word e-motion. Every emotion has a frequency that is received by our cells, and affects its charge and state of wellness and balance.

If we are unconsciously carrying trapped emotions in our body that are negatively affecting our cells’ health, we are generating our own internal toxicity. This gives a partial explanation for how a positive attitude can help heal the body, and a negative attitude can keep us sick.
To support the body in functioning at optimal wellness, we focus on various forms of detoxification and maintenance.

We want to help our clients not only detox the more tangible toxicities, but also the intangible ones, and have a blueprint that’s easy to implement based on what works best for their body.

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