The Spirit

At Patchwork Wellness, we believe the spirit element of the mind, body, spirit trifecta, is our inspiration

When you look at the word “inspiration,” it alludes to the role of the spirit in us. Our inspiration is supernatural, a force we can’t touch or hold – it’s a heart-felt feeling.

Feeling inspired is one of the most powerful experiences for a human being. When inspiration surges through us we will think thoughts that excite us and feel motivated to act.
On the flip side, when we are lacking inspiration, and know we need to get something done, it can be a struggle. We may feel like we are pulling our own teeth to complete a task and start beating ourselves up for being lazy or unproductive, which leads us father away from feeling inspired.
So, how do we tap into our inspiration? Is there a switch we can turn on or something we can say or do?
Here’s the thing about spirit…it’s ALWAYS there. We are either connected or we are not.

When we are not connected it’s often due to becoming attached to fear and functioning in survival mode. If we are afraid of something bad happening, or of losing something or someone we love, our mind goes to work on finding ways to control our life, or the lives of others, to avoid the pain of loss or hardship.
We will easily find fault with ourselves and others as we judge what’s happening as good or bad, and feel anxiety or depression can kick in as we suffer exhaustion from trying to maintain control.

The thing about control though, it’s an illusion.
The only thing we ever have control over is our mind and how we perceive what’s happening.
If we can change our mind about something, we can change our experience in reality.

An example of perception being the key to how we experience life is someone running to you yelling about a bad car accident they just witnessed. Your mind instantly perceives the idea of a car accident as a bad thing that involves injury and pain and destruction. You may begin to feel stress in your body as you ask what happened, was anyone hurt, how many people were in the accident…

However, the person looks at you a bit confused and proceeds to say that the accident was simulated to help determine crash test safety for a new model of a car. No one was hurt, in fact the information gathered will hopefully help people stay safer and less injured in the event of an accident in that car model.

With this new perception of the accident, you may feel relieved and maybe even happy about the accident.

This can happen in many different life circumstances.
We may *think* it was awful to be fired from our job, however the next job we find is 10 times better. We may *think* it was terrible for our husband or wife to leave us, however our next relationship is so much more functional and filled with bliss.

Some circumstances are a lot harder to shift our perception than others, it’s also the only true control we have at any given time.

When we can gain inner-control, and lose the fear of pain or loss, we open up our state of being to feel inspired. The cool thing is, we can tap into this state of being at any time through meditation, hypnosis and various forms of relaxation. We do not need to get rid of fear and pain, instead we can discover ways to co-exist peacefully with these emotions, and access the spirit in us – our inspiration – whenever we choose.

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