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Hi, I’m Aubrielle Tesa, owner and founder of Patchwork Wellness. I am a mom to 4 amazing kiddos and a lover of reading, writing, traveling, triathlon and the science of miracles. For most of my life I have been in pursuit of understanding how to help the body function at peak performance. I’ve studied holistic nutrition at length with a certification in nutritional therapy. The idea that the body is capable of healing itself from any ailment has always fascinated me. However, nutrition became the tip of the iceberg.

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The Root Cause

While I was focused on creating nutritional protocols to help people identify root causes for ailments, life decided to up the ante for me. I was given the opportunity to have my life turned upside down, so that I could discover the true root cause of any difficulty we face as human beings.

I began to navigate the world of law of attraction, manifestation, affirmations and meditation. I networked with mastermind groups, various practitioners and experts in the field of energy work and traveled the world in search of what began to feel like the holy grail of a care-free and purposeful life.

Peace and Calm

I wanted to know how to feel at peace in a world of chaos, how to love unconditionally in the face of adversity, how to forgive as though it never happened and how to feel a true and pure inner-joy that isn’t dependent on anyone or anything outside of me.

If you just read that and are thinking it’s impossible, then I’m glad you are here.

Finding Answers

In all of my seeking and questioning, I found the answers I was looking for, and it feels more amazing than I imagined it would. Nutrition became a piece of the puzzle, and it fit perfectly into my new and bigger picture of mind, body and spirit wellness and wholeness.
I am now committed to sharing what I have learned in the hopes that everyone who comes across Patchwork Wellness can also experience mind, body and spirit wellness on a whole new level. It IS possible for anyone who is seeking as I was.
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